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LIVEHEALTHY is an online platform that enables Australian businesses to sell their products across the globe.

Our Story


One day, out of nowhere, you discover you want or need something. You spend an hour figuring out where you have to go to get it. Then, there's the struggle of actually getting there. 

Traffic is crazy, the route is a gauntlet and it couldn't be more out of the way. You go anyway because you want this today. Sure, you could find it online but two concerns immediately scratch an itch, it's gonna take a week or more to get here and I don't know if I can trust it. You are not wrong and we've all been there. 

At LiveHealthy, we strive to eliminate this dilemma. We are just as much consumers as we are suppliers and when we found a way to get what we want, trusted quality, and in our hands within days, we smashed through that door, laid out the red carpet and put up a sign. We work because we are a consumer driven platform. You're gonna get what you want. 

Live Healthy is owned and operated by MAK GROCERS PTY LTD - ABN: 95 606 934 445


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