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Actilax Mixture 500mL | Live Healthy Store HK - Actilax / Medicines

Actilax Mixture 500mL

By Actilax
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一般信息 乳果糖治疗便秘(慢性)的解决方案。 剂量 成人:通常的初始剂量是每日15-30ml。2天后剂量可减少至10-25ml。儿童:每日常规剂量: 按年龄划分的3日初始剂量: 7-14岁 前2天15ml 2天后10ml 1-6岁 前2天10ml 2天后5-10ml 1岁以下婴儿 前2天5ml 2天后3-5ml 在无医疗建议的情况下,请勿给6个月以下的婴幼儿服用。可与果汁、水或牛奶混合服用。一般来说,便秘患者应该多喝水,并确保他们的饮食中含有足够的纤维。 警告 预防措施:如果婴幼儿需服用乳果糖超过1个月的时间,应在医疗监督下进行。不推荐长期使用。 远离儿童接触。 储存条件 储存于25度以下。

General Information

Lactulose solution for the treatment of constipation (chronic).

Adults: Usual initial dose is 15-30ml daily. After 2days dose may be reduced to 10-25ml daily for maintenance. Children: Usual Daily Dose Is -
Age Intially (3dys) Maintenance
7-14 years 15ml 10ml
1-6 years 10ml 5-10ml
Infants under 1 year 5ml 3-5ml
Actilax should not be administered to infants under 6 months of age, unless advised by your doctor. May be taken mixed with fruit juice, water or milk. In general, patients taking actilax for constipation should drink plenty of fluids and ensure that there is adequate fibre in their diet.

Precautions: It is recommended that if Actilax is given to infants and children for periods greater than 1 month, this should be done under medical supervision. Prolonged use of laxatives is undesirable.
Keep out of reach of children.

Store below 25 degrees.

Questions about Medicines products & Actilax Mixture 500mL

  • Q. Where can I buy Actilax Mixture 500mL? A. Actilax Mixture 500mL can be bought online on the Live Healthy Online Store.

  • Q. What's the origin of this item? A. Actilax Mixture 500mL is imported out of Australia and manufactured by Actilax.

  • Q. What's the expiry date for Actilax Mixture 500mL? A. At the very least, each product has a use by/expiration date between 12-18 months from the date of purchase. We never sell expired products. The length of time for the expiration date or "best used before" date depends on the type of product, as well as the brand. Some perishable items (such as certain probiotics) generally have shorter expiration dates.

Actilax Mixture 500mL | Live Healthy Store HK - Actilax / Medicines

Actilax Mixture 500mL

HK$206.94 HK$200.00
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