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Healthy Care Lanolin with Sheep Placenta 100g

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天然的澳大利亚羊毛脂、胎盘提取物与维生素E结合,生产出一款适用于所有肌肤类型的独特面霜。涂抹于全身、面部及颈部,使肌肤光滑柔软,减少细纹和皱纹,并帮助抵御天气和日常生活的影响。 好处: 羊毛脂是一种极为护肤的成分。其分子结构类似于人类皮肤脂质。羊毛脂有两种用途:它既能滋润肌肤,又能使肌肤从内部得到滋润。羊毛脂是一种保湿润肤剂,能有效防止皮肤的水分蒸发,使肌肤柔软、具有弹性。 羊胎盘提取物由生物活性物质如氨基酸、肽和蛋白质、透明质酸、辅酶10和平衡复合物等组成。增强肌肤活力,激活新陈代谢,促进血液循环,为肌肤提供强烈的滋润。 维生素E(维生素E)是一种强抗氧化剂,可以防止早衰。维生素E可以阻止由于自由基破坏而形成皱纹。它还可以通过促进胶原蛋白的产生来治疗皱纹。它能帮助皮肤维持天然的水分。




纯净水;辛/癸甘油三酯;甘油聚醚-26;山梨醇硬脂酸;硬脂酸甘油酯;吐温60;鲸蜡硬脂醇;peg - 100硬脂酸;羊毛脂油;氢化聚异丁烯;甘油基辛酸盐;胎盘提取物;维生素e;卡波姆;三乙醇胺;葡萄糖酸内酯;苯甲酸钠;香味



General Information

Natural Australian Lanolin is combined with Placenta extract and Vitamin E to create a unique cream for all skin types. Use all over the body and also for face and neck to smooth and soften skin, minimise fine lines and wrinkles, and help to protect against the effects of weather and every day life.

Lanolin is one of the most skin-loving ingredients. Its molecular structure resembles that of human skin lipids. Lanolin works double-duty; it both moisturises skin from the outside, and helps the skin to moisturise itself from within. Lanolin cream is a very hydrating emollient and works to keep the skin's moisture from evaporating, giving skin its suppleness and elasticity.

Sheep Placenta Extract consists of biologically active substances as Amino acids, Peptides and proteins, Hyaluronic acid, Co-enzyme 10, and balanced complex of vitamins. It tones up and rejuvenates the skin, activates metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, and provides intense moisturizing to the skin.

Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) is a strong antioxidant that prevents premature aging. Vitamin E prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage. . It also treats wrinkles by boosting collagen production. It benefits the skin by helping it retain its natural moisture content.


Store in a cool dry place below 30°C; avoid direct sunlight.


Purified water; Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides; Glycereth-26; Sorbitan Stearate; Glyceryl Stearate; Polysorbate 60; Cetearyl Alcohol; PEG-100 Stearate; Lanolin Oil; Hydrogenated Polyisobutene; Glyceryl Caprylate; Placenta Extract; Tocopheryl Acetate; Carbomer; Triethanolamine; Gluconolactone; Sodium Benzoate; Fragrance


For all skin types. Apply gently to body, face & neck as required.

Questions about Health products & Healthy Care Lanolin with Sheep Placenta 100g

  • Q. Where can I buy Healthy Care Lanolin with Sheep Placenta 100g? A. Healthy Care Lanolin with Sheep Placenta 100g can be bought online on the Live Healthy Online Store.

  • Q. What's the origin of this item? A. Healthy Care Lanolin with Sheep Placenta 100g is imported out of Australia and manufactured by Healthy Care.

  • Q. What's the expiry date for Healthy Care Lanolin with Sheep Placenta 100g? A. At the very least, each product has a use by/expiration date between 12-18 months from the date of purchase. We never sell expired products. The length of time for the expiration date or "best used before" date depends on the type of product, as well as the brand. Some perishable items (such as certain probiotics) generally have shorter expiration dates.

Healthy Care Lanolin with Sheep Placenta 100g | Live Healthy Store HK - Healthy Care / Health

Healthy Care Lanolin with Sheep Placenta 100g

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